Michael Courter

Michael Courter


Have You Seen Her?

Be Positve*
    *Halloween 2015

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His friend is dead. His daughter is missing. But all is not as it would seem...

a darkness that threatens to consume him

an uncapped syringe on the nightstand

the blood red glow of a distant star

an angel of light beckoning him

and an unlikely alliance with a

stranger in the psych ward

Have You Seen Her?

As this is his debut novel, Michael wanted to do something new—or at least different. It took some talking, self-contemplation, a little bit of coaxing, and plenty of work to pull it together, but at last the day is here.

"Have You Seen Her?" was aired as a series on this website from November 12, 2012 to March 25, 2013. Each week, a new episode in this thrilling suspense novel was viewed here.

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