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Last Quarter of the Moon Publishing

Welcome to the beginning of a new era in publishing. Whether you are looking for a publisher to shine a new light on your novel; to help you develop your plot or elevate your prose; to aid you in developing a business and marketing plan for your new creation; or perhaps, you are in the market for custom cover art; if you should find yourself in need of help in your effort to publish the next great novel, Last Quarter of the Moon is here for you.


There is more to a book than the words on the page. Typefacing, page composition, illustrations, all provide a professional and eye-appealing feel to your finished work. Nobody wants to read a difficult to understand font. They also don't want to develop migranes from the eye-strain caused by your recasting of a 540 page fantasy epic down to 325 pages using a 5 point font. They won't care one wit where Little Red was riding if the page looks like someone scrawled the words in hieroglyphics. And though all of that seems very common sense, the opposite is all too common.

Here's an experiment for you

The next time that you are in a book store, take the time to pull a few random books from the shelves. It doesn't matter what section, per se; although, you may find it most useful if you select books from the genre in which you write. Open to any page toward the middle of the book. This should be representative of the overall design. If for some reason it isn't, pick another page at random. Now, take note of what you do or don't like about their design. Are the margins too tight? How many words on average do they have on a line? How many lines on a page? Too few, and it looks like a children's book; too many lines, and the book might as well be an encyclopedia, because most readers won't be able to get through it from beginning to end. Repeat this experiment with as many books as you like. What it does is help you set your own personal preference. I like to bring a notebook to keep notes on my observations.

If I can do this myself, why should I contract to have you do it?

Identifying your personal preferences and artistic style is only the first step. Implementing those preferences in the various electronic and paper formats takes time, knowledge, and effort. That is where Last Quarter of the Moon shines. We help you to identify and implement the vision that you have for your work.

What does a design consist of?

The most important aspect in the design of a book is its personality. Don't think that a book has a personality? They are as different as the authors who wrote them and the fantastic characters that they house. A book's personality starts with the cover and flows through the book. Its personality is often what attracts us to it and keeps us reading. A book without a vibrant personality is dead.

And, to that point, it is critical that the design of the book be well-suited to the content. "The Great Gatsby" would have looked silly in a futuristic font. However, "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" might do well with a sloppy, handwritten font as the narrative is written in Huck's own hand. And whether you agree with me on the specifics does not matter. In either case, what is most pressing is that the design needs to match the content.

The design must match its personality—though I would claim that its design aids in defining its personality—and it needs to be well-suited to its content. The design typically includes the following:

  • Front cover
  • Inside front cover
  • Front matter
    • Title pages
    • Copyright page
    • Forward
    • Acknowledgments
    • Inscription
  • Chapter layout
    • Headings
    • Footers
    • Page numbers
    • Section numbers
    • First page layout
    • Chapter headings
    • Margins
  • Typesetting
  • Figures, Charts, Images, and Illustrations
  • Back matter
    • Ads?
    • Author Bio
  • Inside back cover
  • Back cover

Let's schedule a design review!

Though all of this could seem daunting, Last Quarter of the Moon is here to help you navigate the many decisions associated with the design of your work. If you are interested in our publishing services, please fill out the publishing service request form on this page and a representative will contact you.

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