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Last Quarter of the Moon Publishing

Welcome to the beginning of a new era in publishing. Whether you are looking for a publisher to shine a new light on your novel; to help you develop your plot or elevate your prose; to aid you in developing a business and marketing plan for your new creation; or perhaps, you are in the market for custom cover art; if you should find yourself in need of help in your effort to publish the next great novel, Last Quarter of the Moon is here for you.


There are many things that need to be decided when it comes to planning to write, publish, market, and distribute a work. Although the creative side of our art might spur us into writing a heart-felt treatise ala stream of consciousness, the reality is that we must be mindful of how we go about it. Other than off-loading a burdened heart or fulfilling a whimsical albeit garrish pang of chupchick, it takes planning to successfully turn your magnum opus into a well-marketed, acclaimed work of art.

Planning starts with an initial thought. You know what? I should write a … about … What do you have in mind? Are you looking to write a short story, a novella, a novel, a serial adventure, an epic fantasy? Planning provides a solid platform upon which to explore and develop your craft.

Do I have to plot?

I hear this one all of the time. It is amazing to me that this question is so common. The simple answer is "No." You don't have to plot. You also don't have to breathe, but you'll get farther and be happier. And that is what plotting does for you.

Too often, I hear the argument that plotting is too limiting. Not if you do it right!

Whether you mean to or not, if you write anything other than a stream of consciousness, you will end up plotting/outlining the subject. If you don't spend time doing that up front, you will naturally evolve the storyline as you go. That is plotting; it's simply not the most effective way to write. It also denies you the benefit of working through issues in your logic. By the time that you write a piece, you should already know what it is you want to say; otherwise, you will have to multitask between developing the plot and crafting a rich Giving organization to your idea, giving it scope and definition, allows you to unleash your creativity.

Last Quarter of the Moon is here to help you navigate the many decisions associated with planning your work. If you are interested in our publishing services, please fill out the publishing service request form on this page and a representative will contact you.

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